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Why Buy with the
Blue Sky Home Group



The Blue Sky Home Group is a full service real estate team comprised of top professionals specializing in what they do best. We roll out the red carpet for all of our clients and offer highest level of service in the entire industry. 


Our proactive approach is unique to the market and instead of just putting a sign up, our team actively seeks buyers and sellers for our clients to make it a win-win. When you work with our team you will experience the highest level of customer service and a smooth, easy process. We sell everywhere – city, mountain, and suburban. 


We have professional local experts who specialize in buying or selling and put the needs of their clients before anything else. Our slogan is Buy.Sell.Happy and our client’s happiness is most important. You’ll find that our agents are dedicated to your success more than just the payday. 


How We Conduct Business
with You


Agents at The Blue Sky Home Group are highly trained Real Estate professionals and conduct business at a high level. This is why we spend quality time learning about our clients and properly setting them up with the right professional so they can accomplish their real estate goals. Here are some key features of the service you'll be provided: 


Weekly Business Meetings We conduct weekly business meetings to update you on your market and any new information. These meetings are important to stay well connected and be ready for any new things that come up. 


Buyer Consultation The initial buyer consultation is vital to your home buying process. This meeting goes over all the details of the process and gets us organized to start searching homes for you. Here we will be asking you questions about your finances, time-line, home buying wants and more. Once we complete this meeting we will match you with the right buyer's agent and showing partner. 


Lending Pre-Qualification At the Blue Sky Home Group we value your time and want to make sure to provide you the very best service we can. So it's important you talk to multiple lenders and get prequalified before we go out and search. It allows us to better find you the right home and gives you expectations on what you want and can afford. This is your first stop. 


Showing Partner With the market moving as fast as it is and homes going under contract the day they go up on the market, it's important that we provide a service to allow our buyers to view homes when needed. After our initial buyer consultation, we will match you with the appropriate buyer's agent and showing partner that know the area you're interested in and provide you with the best service. These agents will be at your disposal at anytime. Showings will be the responsibility of the showing partner or the buyer’s agent. They will meet with the client either at the home or a location and drive from there. 


Transparency All of us here at the Blue Sky Home Group feel that it's important that you understand what goes into buying your home. We will make sure to share with you all of our expenses and costs so at the end of the day you know exactly what to expect and the finances behind your deal. If you ever have a question, please don't hesitate to ask us. 


Our Guarantee You can rest assured that you have the Blue Sky Home Group and all of its pieces working for you to get the very best home for the best price possible. We promise to not just search the MLS, but to be actively finding sellers in the market place for homes that you may like. 


Under Contract Your lead Buyer's agent will be representing you when it comes to writing and negotiating your contract. This process is so important; that’s why we have our trusted highly experienced agents do this with you. Once you go under contract, you will be working with our under contract and transaction coordinator. They will schedule your inspection, appraisal, get titled order, get your lender organized, and more. They will stay on top of all your contract deadlines to make sure the process is easy and stress free. Once your inspection is completed, your lead agent will be in contact to negotiate and advise you on the best way to move forward. 


Satisfaction We guarantee your satisfaction! Our relationship is dependent on meeting and exceeding your needs. We identify those needs together, and my cancellation guarantee protects your right to end our relationship if you’re disappointed. We want you to feel 100% comfortable throughout the whole process.

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