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Polina Martynenko
Agent Associate

Polina Martynenko
Agent Associate

Polina is an ambitious individual with superb client satisfaction record, she strives to perform effectively, by asking the right questions, being sincere and never leaves a task incomplete or business unfinished.

What's more, her diverse past business career along with her extreme attention to details have served her well in customer service, hospitality and car business. Growing up in Russia and Ukraine in an entrepreneurial family have instilled qualities of devotion, passion and assisting those around her reach their goals.

Polina holds 2 Bachelor's Degrees from Russia and the United States. The most recent degree that she received was BBA in Economics from University of Anchorage Alaska. With her bachelor’s degree and knowledge of current property market she is a great economic resource and market statistic provider for property owners, prospective buyers, and investors.

Polina moved to the United States back in 2003 and fell in love with it. Having the ability to travel and explore the world is very inspiring to her; she believes that real estate is the industry where she could truly express herself and flourish the most.

Denver, CO
Littleton, CO
Lakewood, CO
Arvada, CO
Aurora, CO
Highlands Ranch
Highlands Ranch, CO
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